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Bitcoin Loophole Review


Bitcoin Loophole is an auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies. It can be used by experienced or new investors who want to make money by trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Loophole offers investors a secure and automated platform that is stress free and reliable. The trading robots perform trades for the investors using funds deposited in the users’ Bitcoin Loophole account.

The success rate of transactions done by trading robots on Bitcoin Loophole is as high as 98%, this is what we obtained after using our analytics tools to test the auto trading system. Every user can earn a profit daily on the platform, after each trading session. Bitcoin Loophole offers the public a chance to become financially independent through a system that works independently.

There are many potential investors out there who do not trust auto trading platforms. But we know that the opportunity to invest in one of these platforms such as Bitcoin Loophole can provide a way for many people to become very rich. This is why we decided to test Bitcoin Loophole, so others can know if it is safe to invest.

From this perspective, we tested all the features of Bitcoin Loophole and had a live trading session, at the end of our review and tests, my team and I are completely satisfied that Bitcoin Loophole is reliable and can make so many people become rich by earning a passive income daily.

Bitcoin Loophole Profits

Determining how much you can make using Bitcoin Loophole isn’t easy. Because users invest at different levels and the market can move in mysterious ways, it’s impossible to say exactly what Bitcoin Loophole’s profits will be. There are reports of traders averaging $13,500 per day. Naturally, this would all depend on the money you invest, the level of risk you accept and more. What we do know, however, is that the product comes from good stock. The man behind the system, Steve McKay, has said his trading software has made $18 million+ in just six months.

We have been testing Bitcoin Loophole over the last few days, and finally, our report is ready for the public to read. We are excited about this growing auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Loophole can easily become the biggest auto trading platform for cryptocurrencies because investors are currently earning as much as $1,300 every day on the site. The high profit earned by investors is attributed to the excellent trading software backed by intelligent algorithms and reliable trading robots.

Robot Rating Properties Trade
The best choice  Bitcoin Loophole is NOT a scam
High Profit Ratio
Easy & Fast Withdrawals
Works also via App
Trade Now

While testing Bitcoin Loophole, we did not encounter any glitch, all the features of this auto trading robot works perfectly. This is what we want, a report that can help our readers decide, invest and break free financially.

How To Open A Bitcoin Loophole Account

Here are the different steps to open a new Bitcoin Loophole account;

Step 1: Registration

We found out that Bitcoin Loophole has one of the simplest and fastest registration processes. We had a new Bitcoin Loophole account in a few minutes. All we needed to do was enter a username, create a new password, enter a valid email and phone number, and submit the online application form.

Step 2: Deposit

We received a confirmation text indicating that our application to open a Bitcoin Loophole account was successful. Next, we needed to fund the account before proceeding to use the live trading feature. The process of making a deposit was also impressive. We were offered multiple payment options, on the deposit page, a payment could be made with either a debit or credit card. My team decided to test the Bitcoin Loophole system with the lowest deposit value of $250. The payment process was completed in seconds.

Step 3: Demo trading

My team was happy to discover a demo trading feature on Bitcoin Loophole. Many auto trading sites overlook the need to feature a demo trading section. This is a feature that simulates the live trading function; it can be used by beginners to study how a live trading session works without the use of real money. My team tested the demo trading feature, and it worked seamlessly.

Step 4: Live Trading

Our first live trading session was excellent, and we made a profit. My team had to try another live trading session to confirm that even beginners can make money from their first experience. The second live trading session was even better, we earned more profit.

It was easy to use the live trading feature. All we needed to do was select a stop-loss limit to protect our funds, and click on the button to activate the trading robots. During the live trading session, we could view the account balance, profits made, and the activities of the trading robot.

Note: It is a good idea for beginners to test the demo trading feature; it reveals how the live trading session works and can help the users understand the process of automated trading.

Features Of The Bitcoin Loophole

Here are the Bitcoin Loophole features we tested;

Payout system

We monitored the payout system during the two live trading sessions we had. The payout system on Bitcoin Loophole is accurate, and there were no delays. Our funds were credited to the account we opened and the calculation was accurate.

Verification System

While opening the new account we noticed the verification system. It is an excellent system that ensures all users enter the correct information during the account opening process.

Withdrawal and Deposits

The withdrawal process on Bitcoin Loophole is fast; we noticed that it is much better than many other robots we have tested. Withdrawal requests are processed and completed in 24-hours. Our experience while making a deposit was also fantastic, fast, and accurate.

Service charges

The Bitcoin Loophole system takes a service charge off the profit made by users after a live trading session. This is fair because your initial deposit is not touched. We can also confirm that there are no hidden fees on Bitcoin Loophole.

Customer feedback

The customer feedback system is transparent. We spent some minutes reading the testimonials from active users who are already making so much money with Bitcoin Loophole.

Customer Service

The developers of Bitcoin Loophole have added a 24/7 customer support help desk. We think this is very good because Bitcoin Loophole can be used by investors in over 130 countries who may need to contact the customer support team from regions with different time zones.


The involvement of brokers on the platform is a good idea. Brokers are trained professionals who monitor the transactions done by the trading robots to quickly resolve issues and ensure that all the users are making a profit every day.

Bitcoin Loophole Vs. Other Robots

Bitcoin Loophole Other bitcoin robots
Anyone can start using Bitcoin Loophole with a deposit of $250 only.  The starting deposit on other trading platforms is usually too high.
Investors have multiple options to invest with different cryptocurrencies.  The trading options are usually too restrictive and non-profitable.
All the brokers on Bitcoin Loophole have been vetted as professionals. There are no defined procedures to ensure that investors make money with the system.  On the platform.
The auto trading platform is user-friendly.  Only experienced users can gain with the system because they are too complex.

How to become part of the system?

Joining the system offers impressive returns from cryptocurrency training. By following the steps listed below, you can conveniently become a client of this state-of-the-art cryptocurrency investment:

#1 Complete the registration form
Visit the Bitcoin Loophole’s official website and complete the registration form. Once you are done, you will get a free trading license, and instant access to a personal trading account without any extra installations.

#2 Make a deposit
Your new investment account will be empty. Thus, to get started with trading, you need to fund your account with a minimum of $250. Note that this is not a broker fee, and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

#3 Trade
Both manual and assisted trading types are possible on this platform. Your choice will depend on how skillful, knowledgeable, and experienced you are.

After trading for a while and you find the generated results satisfactory, you can withdraw your funds by submitting a request in respect of the same to your dedicated broker. It is required that you retain some funds in your account to ensure continuity of trade. If you are the type that seeks to make even more profit, you can re-invest your earnings into more trades.

Bitcoin Loophole Technical Features

To support the trading methods above, Bitcoin Loophole allows you to adjust a range of technical features. As we’ve noted, the size of your investment can be altered from a minimum of £25 per trade to over £2,000. From here, you can set the following parameters:

–  Profit Investment: Reinvest at least 50% of your profit.-  Max Trades: Must have at least one trading running.-  Signals: Set how often the bot looks for market signals, from one minute to one day.-  Indicators: Select which indicators the Bitcoin Loophole bot looks for. These include, TREND, RSI, STOCH, MACD, CCI, WILLIAMS.-  Currencies: The final feature you can adjust is the type of cryptocurrencies you want to trade. At the top of the list is Bitcoin, but you can also set the robot to look for opportunities in the following altcoin markets:       Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin.

Is Bitcoin Loophole Legit?

Yes, we encourage our readers to join the users who are making a fortune with Bitcoin Loophole every day. It is a legit auto trading platforms and offers all users a chance to earn more profits daily as they increase the value of their deposits. We know that many trading platforms out there are operating illegally and can cause investors to lose money. We confirmed that Bitcoin Loophole is legit by requesting copies of the corporate registration documents and licences to offer its services to the public. The owners responded with a complete and authentic proof that the brand is legit.

Regarding our review of Bitcoin Loophole features, my team, made up of intelligent software engineers and cryptocurrency traders used the best analytical tools to test the features, we got excellent results every time.

There are so many testimonials from users who are currently making money with Bitcoin Loophole. We began to understand why so many people are getting rich with the system; it is because all the features work excellently. All the users need to do is open a Bitcoin Loophole account and make a deposit. The trading robots perform trades automatically to make the users richer.

Is Bitcoin Loophole a Scam?

We have tested all the features on Bitcoin Loophole, and we can affirm that it is not a scam. There are hundreds of users making money on the auto trading platform every day. We confirmed these claims by testing the live trading and withdrawal features, everything worked perfectly.

Please read a short version of our findings below;

  • Bitcoin Loophole offers all users a chance to invest and make money through a system that has a 98% success rate for all transactions.
  • Bitcoin Loophole offers investors a chance to earn from the cryptocurrency market regardless of the risks because the platform uses sophisticated trading robots.
  • the minimum deposit required to start auto trading on Bitcoin Loophole of $250 and the maximum deposit is $15,000. Users can earn as much as $1,300 daily.


In the end, you will agree that the Bitcoin Loophole can be said to be a reliable platform to trade cryptocurrency. Apart from its state-of-the-art design and structure, the software offers a satisfactory investment experience for traders, irrespective of your level of competence or location.

Bitcoin Loophole is not a scam; feel free to try your hands on this exciting software, you definitely will not regret it.


  • Bitcoin Loophole is NOT a scam
  • Profit Ratio 89%
  • Works on Phone and Computer




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