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Bitcoin Mining Council Survey Findings Focus on Sustainability

The BMC is an open forum for bitcoin mining companies worldwide. It disclosed that it had successfully collected sustainable energy information for more than 32% of the global Bitcoin network.

Survey results show that 67% of survey participants and BMC members are using electricity with a sustainable power mix of 67%. This means that the global mining industry’s sustainability electricity mix has grown by approximately 56% in Q2 2021. It is one of the most sustainable sectors in the world. This data is also the first quarterly release of the BMC, which was founded in May 2021.

Members of the Bitcoin Mining Council

The BMC was created by MicroStrategy and some of the biggest bitcoin mining companies in this industry. MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor expressed his appreciation for the creation of BMC. He said that it was a significant step to increase transparency and understanding in the cryptocurrency mining industry. He said that industry participants can submit mining data at no cost to help decode the bitcoin mining industry.

Saylor said, “I am happy to see that bitcoin mining industry has voluntarily come together to provide critical information for the general public, and policymakers, particularly as it pertains, to clarify common misconceptions regarding the nature and scale Bitcoin energy usage.”

Blockcap founder Darin Feinstein and Core Scientific highlighted the importance of the survey. This survey sheds light on an opaque sector, while mining operations like those in China are being driven out by China. Feinstein stressed that, despite China disrupting 60% global Bitcoin networks, the country had ‘zero downtime, no bailouts and simply adapted its infrastructure to regions with greater freedoms.


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