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Bitcoin Up Review

What Is Bitcoin Up?

Bitcoin Up is a trading robot that harnesses smart algorithms to gather market data and perform analyses. At the end of the analysis, the software outputs a signal that users follow when taking positions in the cryptocurrency trading market.

This trading platform is exclusive to those that want to trade Bitcoin. The bot uses smart technology and algorithms to enable users to exploit the price movements of BTC.

What is Bitcoin Up And How Does It Work?

Bitcoin Up is advertised as a kind of automated trading app (crypto robot) which executes trades on auto-pilot without any form of human intervention. They also mention an exclusive club reserved for new bitcoin millionaires as well as “precise and accurate hands-free trading” which is powered by an advanced algorithm. That’s about it! There is no serious discussion about the success ratio or back-testing protocols.

The Workings of Bitcoin Up – A Brief Guide

Bitcoin Up, in a sense, partners with a variety of special robot brokers. They can execute orders and receive deposits. These brokers are much different from traditional brokerages and complete your orders instantaneously. Bitcoin Up utilizes a unique approach, which is called High-Frequency Scalping. This could lead to significant losses with even just a minor slippage. If the brokers were real people, this chance of loss could have been excessively high. However, since it is a robot broker and the accuracy level is quite high, these risks are minimized.

These brokers, which are in partnership with Bitcoin Up, are of very high quality. Plus, they are regulated by authorities, such as the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission), FSB (Financial Service Board), and FA (Fubabcuak Conduct Authority). When platforms like Bitcoin Up partners with a regulated broker, you have peace of mind. The deposits are highly secured against a bankruptcy or market crash.

With the partner brokers, you have a leverage ratio of 1:5000. Therefore, you can take a position that is 5,000 times larger than the capital you invest in.

While the user could lose a lot because of high leverage, there is a negative balance security feature provided by Bitcoin Up, which can minimize this issue. Still, the risk is there and could be more than you can safely bear. Therefore, it’s recommended that you limit the amount of money you add to the account so that, if you lose, you can afford it gracefully.

Why Should You Register with Bitcoin Up?

You can see a variety of benefits when trading with Bitcoin Up. These can include:

  • The trading is highly accurate, and you get regular updates on the market’s status. Therefore, you can place the bet at the precise moment.
  • This platform is easy to use.
  • You can earn profits quickly and easily with little fuss.
  • The advanced technology from the robot allows for smooth trading that is highly effective and very safe.
  • Its regulated brokers for partners can protect your money and ensure security.

Features & Functionality

Authenticity – 90%

Performance – 89%

Ease of use – 95%

Customer service – 87%

App – 96%

Profitability – 92%

Reputation – 88%

Fast withdrawals – 93%

Bitcoin Up Review, Live The Laptop Lifestyle Is It Just Another Scam?

So obviously just by reading the first sections of our detailed Bitcoin Up review, it’s quite plain to understand that we are dealing with another confirmed crypto scam. In this specific case we do see a slight deviation from the original time leap sales pitch where they usually talk about how their software is 0.01 seconds faster than the market rates. However, in the FAQ section they mention that the app is “powered by an innovative algorithm that wins trades with 99.4% accuracy”. That’s pretty much it, and this is exactly the root of the problem. We don’t have any testimonials (neither fake nor real), there is no mention or reference to the engine of the software and what type of technology powers it. We don’t see any information about the brokers which are associated with the software, and the “contact us” link doesn’t work, it just opens up the registration box. Additionally we don’t know who is behind this flop, or where they are situated. In short, Bitcoin Up is completely anonymous which is the ultimate red flag, so please don’t join!

Three Official Bitcoin Up Websites, One Confirmed Crypto Scam!

Our research staff was able to identify at least three versions of the Bitcoin Up software, and they are all claiming to be the official website. We have attached a screenshot below for you as a point of reference so you could actually see how this looks like on the search engine.

Three Official Bitcoin Up Websites, How Is That Possible?

This is happening because each of these websites belongs to different affiliate networks, and they are all trying to grab your attention by trying to convince you to join the scam through their registration forms. Each time you enter your details and invest through their site, the network receives referral commission as we have previously mentioned. In reality all variants of the websites will eventually lead you to the final destination, which is a CFD broker. This is extremely problematic because most customers are not even aware of what is happening behind the scenes or have the slightest clue about online trading or Forex.

Is It Free?

No, it isn’t. Get ready to part with at least €250, and sometimes even twice as much. This money will be charged to your credit card by offshore Forex brokers who don’t really care about your financial well-being and will rip you off any chance they get.

Bitcoin Up Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies introduced an alternative avenue for income generation for traders. Over the past few years, a good number of investors have made their lives comfortable from the earnings through cryptocurrency trading. But this has not come without challenges.

Digital assets are susceptible to rapid, huge, and erratic price gyrations. For the initiated, this volatility presents an opportunity to earn profits, but only if done right.

Developers in the cryptocurrency space have come up with pieces of software that trade on behalf of investors, whether seasoned or beginner. Bitcoin Up is one such piece of software. In the recent past, more of these trading robots have continued to appear on the scene with promises of great returns.

5 Stars



People who are aware of the importance of financial independence always make their money work. If you keep your money in a savings account, it will never grow. Intelligent investors trade in stocks, currencies, and digital currencies with their funds. Earliest Bitcoin traders are all billionaires now. In the present days of pandemic and ongoing recession, the best returns come from trading in Bitcoins.

There is a trusted trading platform, Bitcoin Up. It offers predictive trading for all members. Even if you don’t know how to trade, this trading app makes it easy for you. You have to log in on the website and start earning. Users can even learn Bitcoin trading with the demo-trading option.

Don’t delay, start trading in Bitcoins with this innovative app. With Bitcoin Up, reach the milestone of becoming a millionaire in a few months.


What are the chances of making profits by following the trade predictions on this platform?

Trading in cryptocurrencies by following the trade predictions is very profitable. The predictions generated by this platform are 99.4% accurate, so there is no chance of going wrong. You can always book huge profits when you get such a high accuracy rate.

What profits can you expect when you trade on Bitcoin Up?

There is no limit to the profits you can make when you trade on Bitcoin Up. The money you can earn depends on your capital and how much risk you can take. Members who trade on this platform earn thousands of dollars every day.

Is trading on Bitcoin Up secure and legal?

The designers of this software use all internet safety protocols and encryptions to make it safe and secure for trading. It also follows all the necessary legal provisions.


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