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The News Spy Review

What is The News Spy all About?

When you trade, irrespective of the market in which you trade you would have your own strategies. Most successful traders have the habit of watching the market by following the news.

World news as well as national level news articles might tell you a lot about the possible changes in the trading scenario. Following the news would give you valuable signals for trading.

Whether there is news about the specific asset that you are trading or the market you would obtain, information that can be used to make trading decisions. Most of the stable investors choose to trade the news.

This is a crucial part of fundamental analysis done in order to complement the technical analysis. For those traders who wish to carry out fundamental analysis but do not have the time The News Spy can be useful.

This is an automation tool designed to help traders trade the news. It is designed to automate the job of capturing trading signals from various news sources.

The software backed up by the expert analysts in the market make sure that you get to know what’s happening in the market. The tool follows the news for you from multiple sources thus saving you time.

How Does The News Spy System Work?

The sales page claims that it is a combination of three factors. The first is a News Intelligence Hub which combines automation of news-collection and human analysis. The second has to do with a dedicated analysis team which processes the news and provides human input. And the last factor has to do with ease-of-use, which is supposed to save time and effort. There is a demo of how the software works and it shows in a very illustrative way how the news is spotted and generated. It’s all quite impressive at first glance, but it’s just a shell and the signals (spy alerts) are produced in a random manner at best and most likely in a way which causes you to lose your money.

Robot The News Spy
Official Website URL
Support Types Email, Live Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Payout 81%
Open FREE Demo Open FREE Demo
Deposit & Withdrawal Methods VISA, Master Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets 50+
Overall Score 3.7/5

How to Use The News Spy

  • The first step to start making money online with The News Spy is to create an account. This software is free to use and therefore you do not have to pay any money to create an account. There are no hidden charges that you would be required to pay at later stages.
  • Once you create your free account you would gain access to the software. This is when you can start using your demo account. You can use the trading demo account without spending any money upfront. Therefore, you get your hands-on experience on the software without shelling out money from your account. Once you know how the tool works and what it does you can then make your deposit.
  • When it comes to making deposits there are several payment methods accepted. Therefore, you can easily transfer money from your account to your trading account in no time. There is no upper limit in terms of the deposit. The tool, however, has a minimum deposit requirement of $250to start trading.
  • Once you complete transferring funds to your account you would be able to choose whether you want the tool to make the decisions or not.

Features Of The News Spy Trading Software


The payouts system is fast and accurate. We confirmed that there are active users who earn over $1,500 daily. This money is paid and credited to their account; users can also initiate withdrawals when they need the funds.

Verification System

We are impressed that there is a verification system; this feature helps to avoid situations such as wrong deposits or impersonation on the trading platform. We observed the verification process while opening our new account, it was fast and stress free.

Deposits and Withdrawal 

The owners of The News Spy have added multiple payment options to make it easier for users to make deposits. In our case, we used the MasterCard option and our deposit was reflected in our account balance in a few seconds. Making a withdrawal was also a fantastic experience, it was quick and efficient.


We can confirm that there are no hidden charges on The News Spy, it is one of the most transparent auto trading platforms we have tested.

User Testimonials

The user testimonials we read in this section matched our experience with The News Spy, the site is easy to navigate and use, all the features work flawlessly, and there are no delays on the platform

Customer Service

The customer service on The News Spy is available round the clock. The customer service unit is responsive and knowledgeable of the system to help all users.


We were able to check the credentials of brokers affiliated with The News Spy, they are experienced and professionals in different parts of the world working remotely to ensure all users make more money on The News Spy.

The News Spy Versus Other Robots

ATFX Other forex brokers
The processes are transparent; it is easy to monitor how deposits, payouts, and withdrawals are processed.  There is so much secrecy, it is hard to know the fees and how they are calculated.
 Standard processes that conform to the FCA guidelines. Many trading platforms are not accountable or follow the regulations hence they are risky platforms for investment.
 Customer support for all users. New and old customers need to find their solutions independently and may lose money.
 24/7 customer service available globally. Inadequate customer service.
Testimonials from real users confirming that The News Spy works. No published testimonials or confirmation that users have earned money after investing.

Benefits Of Using The News Spy?

We have highlighted the following benefits of this auto trading platform, we made these observations during the review and while testing the different features;

  • User-friendly features. The features of this auto trading platform are so easy to use. There is no need for special training or technique to open a new account and start making money with The News Spy.
  • The high success rate for transactions. The chances of making money every day with The News Spy is very high. Everyone can invest and leverage the high success rate for transactions done by the trading robots.
  • Demo trading. Demo trading allows new users to test the trading robots to ascertain whether they meet the expected standard before investing real money.
  • 24/7 Customer support. The customer support team are always available and responsive. They can help users overcome simple or difficult problems quickly to save time and money.

Customer Support

Whenever you have a question to ask or an issue to resolve, you can always approach their friendly and professional customer support representatives. Their members work during the normal trading hours to provide assistance to traders. They can be reached via phone, email and even live chat.

The News Spy Review – Blacklist SCAM Or Legit Trading Signals?

The News Spy is being marketed to us as a type of news intelligence hub which dissects and analyzes news and current events from around the world. It’s advertised as an easy way to make fast money online by working only a few minutes a day. They claim there is a success formula which is attributed to a state-of-the-art powerful tool which “finally makes money like the big boys” and is so effective and profitable that it “disrupts” the trading scene. In the opening video we see all the TV news presenters interview teen age millionaires such as Erik Finman who made massive amounts of money by investing early, and this indirectly connotes or insinuates that you can do it too! Naturally this is taken out of context and these kids are very lucky not just talented.

Make Money Online with The News Spy

There are plenty of ways to make money online. One of them is to use some form of automation in trading. Trading itself is a profitable endeavor when planned right. But for those who do not have too much time to spend in trading, tools like The News Spy come in handy.


After conducting a thorough research, we couldn’t find anything suspicious about this trading system. Based on all the evidence and our findings, we can confirm that The News Spy is legit and safe. It has been designed for ordinary traders so they can also benefit from the trading opportunities available on the financial markets just like professional investors do.

This effective trading tool comprises of great features which can help even complete novices achieve their trading goals. It has capabilities and characteristics that make it stand out from the crowd and this is why we suggest that you sign up for it quickly.


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