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Why Are Some Black Residents Annoyed by Jay-Z’s Bitcoin Academy?

It is said that roots are never forgotten. According to Brooklyn residents, Jay-Z, the hip-hop legend who became a billionaire Jay Z, might not have forgotten his roots.

Jay-Z , a rapper who grew up in Marcy Park, announced last week on Twitter he would launch a “Bitcoin Academy” with Jack Dorsey, his Twitter co-founder.

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Shout out to @Jack #Bitcoin Academy is a program that began in Marcy. Marcy was a place where I learned so much. It’s hoped it will be the beginning of many. Our simple goal is to give people tools to help them build their independence and the community around.

The 12-week program will be held over twelve weeks. Lamar Wilson, the founder of the website Black Bitcoin Billionaire , will be teaching the class with Najah J.Robs, CEO and founder of Crypto Blockchain Plug.

Jay-Z was able to give himself a pat on the back for his financial independence. However, residents were skeptical of the Guardian.

Myra Raspberry, a 58-year old retired woman, said that it was too late to do so when people are trying hard to save their money and everything is so costly. People don’t want their money to be invested knowing they could lose it.

Marcy Park residents have every right to be cautious. The bitcoin market reached a two year low on Wednesday. stories about investors who lost everything by investing in cryptocurrency are featured in weekly headlines.

Jay-Z, a billionaire with more wealth than he can spend in his lifetime, could lose a few hundred thousand dollars here and there. For Raspberry, a person living in public housing where the average household income is $24,454 per year , the stakes are much higher .

“Every dime that I get goes to rent, phone and TV and the internet. I don’t have the money to lose on such a large sum of money. If I had the money, I would invest in something more reliable like the basketball game. You can be sure that I will win from this.

The most striking message Marcy Park has is that she is not enthusiastic about joining the cryptocurrency race , are the photos of the brochures laid limp on concrete floors.

Nyashia Figueroa (24-year-old resident) said that if the rapper truly wanted to do more for the community, there was a lot more he could have done.

She stated to the Guardian, “If you really want to do something, then fix this place up.” We have a basketball court that has no hoops. Here, our parks are being destroyed. He should do more for his community and not just open a Bitcoin Academy.


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