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Ukraine Pushes for Membership in European Blockchain Partnership

Members of the Virtual Assets of Ukraine’ public union and Blockchain4Ukraine (an inter-factional association of Ukrainian lawmakers) lobby for Ukraine’s full membership to the European Blockchain Partnership ( EBP). Representatives from both organizations have asked the EU to permit their country to take part in the initiative.

The appeal was sent to President of European Commission Ursula von der Leyen (the head of her cabinet), Bjoern Seibert and Anthony Whelan (who works as a digital adviser to the executive body at Brussels), the crypto news outlet Forklog reported.

According to the correspondence, blockchain technology can greatly contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction by facilitating cross-border services after the end of the conflict with Russia. They stated that EBP would accelerate the recovery and support the integration of Ukraine with the EU.

The leader in Eastern Europe in crypto adoption, Ukraine, was already on the right track to fully regulate its crypto space when the Russian Federation invaded in February. The Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s parliament), passed “On Virtual Assets” earlier in the month. It was signed by President Volodymyr Zilenskyy in mid-March.

To address humanitarian and defense problems, the Ukrainian government relies on cryptocurrency donations. Officials behind the EBP initiative are also confident that the new legislation will enable Ukraine to be a “European blockchain leader” in the future.

Bjoern Sbert, an EBP member state, announced last summer that they were open to exploring the possibility of granting Ukraine observer status. The Ukrainians insist that full membership would allow the country to access the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure, (EBSI), which provides access to wider cross-border electronic services.


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